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Is tarnished silver still considered genuine silver?

Tarnished Silver Tarnish is in no way indicative of a low quality in sterling silver. Sterling silver (or .925 silver) is, by law, at least 92.5% pure silver and no more than 7.5% other metals. Sterling silver is an alloy, or mixture, of metals. Pure silver is too soft to be used for most jewelry and household good purposes, so other metals are added to strengthen the metal and make it more durable. Pure silver oxydizes (tarnishes) very slowly, but the addition of other metals to pure silver cause it to oxydize (or tarnish) more quickly. Laws regulate how metals must be marked. In the US, only pure silver can be marked “.999” and only silver of at least 92.5% purity can be marked “.925” or “sterling.”

How to remove tarnish from silver?

Cleaning Tarnished SilverThe short answer: A good silver polish and “elbow grease”.
There are a number of ways to clean your silver, but you need to be careful as to what methods you use. Many of the over-the-counter silver jewelry cleaners contain harmful carcinogens that have been known to cause cancer, so you might want to avoid those for your silver-cleaning needs.
The best way to keep silver clean is to avoid tarnish to begin with. To do this, make sure that you store your silver in a zip-lock baggie. When silver gets dirty or tarnished, create a baking soda paste with water and baking soda and gently rub the paste all over the silver with a damp cloth until the silver is clean. Rinse the silver off and make sure you dry it well before storing it or wearing it. People have also been known to use this same method using toothpaste instead of baking soda and water.
I put baking soda and boiling water in an aluminum baking pan and heat it on my stove top then i dip my silver items in it and let soak for a few seconds, they come out quite clean with little ‘elbow grease’.

Keep a piece of chalk with your silver jewelry to help prevent tarnish


Buy some jewelry cleanser and clean silver at home

Can you buy an engagement ring online?

Yes, and it is quite a convenient way to buy jewellery.

Additional Notes:
In short, yes this is possible. Please verify the reputation of the place you are buying the ring at. You will have to get the ring sized, or have her finger measured to make sure you get the right size. I prefer to get my jewelry from my local jeweler, because if something goes wrong, I know where to go to find them or to get it right. I also know they are not going to take my money and not give me my item or not give me a bad item and then close up shop over night. With Engagement Rings in particular, you may think a ring looks GREAT online, but when it comes in it may not be what you thought it was and may not look good on her finger like you thought it would. With a major purchase such as this, I would trust a jeweler.

Is it correct for a boyfriend to give a girlfriend a Claddagh ring?

a boyfriend can absolutely give a girlfriend a Claddagh ring.
on the right hand when worn, heart facing out.. means the wearers heart is available – single … heart facing in the heart of the wearer is taken.. on the left hand.. facing in.. married. if out.. i have no idea..
the metal, platinum, for a girlfriend? in my book.. rather pricey,, sterling silver would be just as nice and probably alittle more practical for the ol’ budget.. really it depends on what she likes. i wear silver now.. but hint around to the old man for a platinum one for engagement/wedding.
Probably but I’ve never heard of it before. If they did they’d probably be laughed at though.

Is it true that it is bad luck to wear the claddagh ring on your left hand if you are not married?

I have never heard that superstition.
If you are married or engaged tradition states that you wear the ring with the heart pointing up the arm and if you are single the heart is out.


I’m not familiar with that particular superstition but I have always been taught that it is very bad luck to buy the claddagh for yourself – that it should always be given as a token of friendship.

Bad luck is just superstition it is not to , you should also belive in jesus and god because they stop bad luck .